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Posted on 03-11-2015

Many patients ask me what I use during cold and flu season to help with prevention and alleviation of cold symptoms and to shorten the duration of symptoms.

The best general product I have found is Congaplex by Standard Process. But you have to be disciplined. At the first sign of a cold OR if anyone in the house has a cold. I take 2 capsules every couple of hours until symptoms subside. For my kids and grand kids the dose is smaller. 3 to 6 per day mixed in applesauce or a health smoothie.

For babies 1 to 2 per day. (You can open the capsule and put 1/2 to 1 capsule in baby food, or with infants, a small amount on the tip of your finger mixed with breast milk or formula @ 1 capsule divided throughout the day at feedings).

I have found that if you start using it at the very first sign of a cold...many times it never really takes hold.

For maintenance during cold and flu season, having the kids take 1 Congaplex per day works great for many families as a preventative measure.

I also take Congaplex with me when I travel and take a few per day as a precautionary measure to help prevent infections.

Other basic suggestions I recommend when battling a cold:

1- Stringent hygiene when someone in the family has a cold. Always instruct family members to cough or sneeze into a tissue or the inside of their elbow. The inside of the elbow doesn't allow mucous and germs to spread as easily onto home surfaces. (The common practice of coughing into your hand and then touching things or shaking hands or preparing food etc. makes spreading infectious mucous much easier)

2- Get "extra sleep" to speed up healing. Much more sleep than you normally would is helpful here.

3- Drink more healthy fluids than you normally do. Especially if you have a fever. Extra hydration is the key. This is especially true for children. For example, warm/hot liquids like the old stand by of chicken noodle soup or just chicken broth. Also, herbal teas with honey and lemon.

4- "If you DON'T have a fever" and only after lots of rest...some "mild" exercise has been shown to heighten the immune response and stimulate lymphatic drainage which is an important factor in clearing infections. I like a trampoline for a few minutes 3x per day because it stimulates lymph flow and drainage in the body. However, a few minutes of riding an exercise bike or walking will work well also.

Other supplements I will commonly use to help with colds are:

-Echinacea Premium by Mediherb @ 3 per day.
-Albizia Complex by Mediherb @ 3 per day.
-Cataplex C by Standard Process @ 3 per day.

-Cataplex D by Standard Process @ 2 per day.

Written by Michael J. Porter DC

*Of course, as with all health conditions this is general advice only.
It does "Not" take the place of qualified medical evaluations.
It's is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease.
As always see your medical doctor when you are sick.

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