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Dr. Clark has the best practice on the planet. - Debbie A.


We value our patients’ experience at Porter & Clark Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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More Testimonials

“Dr. Clark has helped me rid a lot of stiffness and pain I thought was never gonna go away! All of the Staff, Massage Therapists, and Doctors are amazing!!”   — Danielle T. 

“Dr. Porter is amazing. I saw him last year for multiple health/immune issues and felt so much better while going to him. He was able to help my body regulate and my health definitely improved.”   — Katelin S. 

"This place is worth the drive for me, it's a good 30-45 minute commute here but I feel like a brand new person every time. I've been seeing Dr. Cara Phillips for over a year now and she is just so gentle yet totally effective, she has helped me regain my life again. I highly recommend this place for your chiropractic care, from the moment you walk in the door, they greet you, there's warm coffee and a big TV to help you relax. The staff there has never let me sit in the waiting room more than 5 minutes, before I'm called back to the room. It's a seamless and swift transaction from beginning to end.”   — Elaine P. 

“The office is great, love the option for heat and massage before adjustment. I will be a patient for life here!”   — Melissa T.  

“I have always told people that Dr. Porter is a "one in a million healer." For many years I have remained healthy, pain free, and happy under his care. Over the past year, I have begun to see his son, Dr. Porter II, for my chiropractic care. Dr. Porter II listens carefully, tests me, and adjusts me precisely. He then re-tests and adjusts if necessary. I'm pleased that adjustments to correct my chronic cervical pain seem to hold for a very long time. I continue to feel great, without pain, under the care of Dr. Porter II.”   — Peter G.

Dr. Clark was my chiropractor since around 1990. He has helped me many times over the years with my neck and back pain. I have been referring him to people for as long as I can remember and will continue to do so. This office is one of a kind. I wish I had not moved away, because I have not been able to find an office that comes close to meeting the service I received here. I love that you can receive heat or ice as well as a mini massage before your adjustment. It really helps. They are more than reasonably priced. In all the years I went there, I think they only raised the price twice, and it was still way less than other offices I've called or been to that don't offer nearly the same quality of service.”   — Bridjet S.

“Dr. Porter is very professional and knowledgeable and a gifted healer. I have been undergoing NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) monthly since Aug of 2016 and I have never felt more balanced, physically and emotionally. I highly recommend this treatment if you have any mysteries going on in your body to discover how to truly heal them properly and permanently. The whole staff there really go above and beyond. Kudos!”   — Lisa F. 

"Dr. Porter and Dr. Clark are the only chiropractors that my family trusts after searching for a long while. When my arms started going numb and in pain I first went to a normal doctor... several doctors... through a battery of blood tests, x-rays, and even an mri (they told me I might have a tumor!), they found nothing! They gave me a bottle of pain pills and told me to deal with it... sighs... I went to Dr. Porter without telling him at all what was wrong. He took a quick scan of my back and noticed that I was greatly out of alignment and then described my symptoms without me ever telling him, down to which fingers would be affected most! Within 2 weeks the pain was greatly lessened, and within 6 I was free to go, no more pain and feeling better than I had in years. I highly recommend the massage they offer as well, it makes a huge difference. They work with most insurance and even if you don't have any, call up and talk to them, they will work with you!"  — Joe C. 

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Porter & Clark Chiropractic
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(734) 379-9200

29100 Gateway Blvd., Ste. 100
Flat Rock, MI 48134


In the words of our patients

  • "Dr. Clark and the staff here are amazing. They are super friendly and thorough. I would highly recommend this practice!"
    Bobby H.
  • "I absolutely love going here. I've been referred by many that have had life changing experiences because of Dr. Porter . He is amazing at what he does & it shows. He knows what he is doing. I have already felt such a difference in my health. I have more energy and less digestive issues and it's only been a couple of months. Everyone is so nice and especially Dr. Porter. He really shows care & concern. He takes his time and doesn't rush you. You won't regret going here 😊 Also his wife is so sweet and has a great sense of humor ."
    Nedi M.
  • "Love this place very clean. First time here. went for a massage Bruce is excellent so if u want a fantastic massage go see him. U won't be sorry"
    Jennifer L.
  • "I found my way to Porter-Clark by accident. I drove a friend to her appointment and as I waited in the waiting room I began to notice the efficiency of the staff , process and patient flow. I’m a healthcare consultant that assists organizations with operational efficiency and I was amazed at how efficient they actually were. We call it continuous flow and using the pull system. This means no waiting, bottlenecks or backups within the office process. Many organizations pay to achieve this kind of workflow. The best part of the visit is the friendliness of staff and the expertise of the docs. Hands down, the heat, massage and the skill of the message therapists for 10 minutes in the beginning of the visit is heavenly and worth the trip!! Many offices talk about putting patients first, but at Porter-Clark, they demonstrate it in everything they do. Great job!"
    Rita D.
  • "Excellent patient care and results from this clinic, which uses a holistic approach that combines chiropractic, massage, and clinical nutrition. Highly recommended!"
    Rachel M.
  • "I am new to your clinic and getting great results with the Nutritional Response Testing. Thank you so very much. I highly recommend the services of PCCC in Flat Rock."
    Emily S.
  • "I love it here! Everyone is extremely polite and helpful. I see Doctor Porter II and he’s been a lifesaver. He’s made room for me on his schedule multiple times when I’ve been randomly hit with a chronic migraine. He genuinely takes his time and cares about his patients. I’m really thankful for the friends that recommended me to this place and I highly recommend everyone else comes here as well."
    Alexandria V.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Porter for more than 20 years. He has helped me maintain a strong immune system and to live without pain. I trust him more than any medical doctor or specialist with my health and well-being."
    Review from healthgrades.com
  • "Dr. Cara and the staff at Porter & Clark Chiropractic are wonderful! The adjustments, heat and massage have healed my aches and pains (slight and severe) over the last several years. I would highly recommend Dr. Cara to anyone needing Chiropractic care."
    Chris T.
  • "The staff, they make this place amazing. If you need an adjustment or a massage check everyone out. The staff are helpful in finding you the type of therapist you need for your massage, and each doctor is pretty amazing, in their quality of care and concern for you as a client while you are on their tables."
    Adam I-L
  • "Been coming here for 11 years now... I feel immediate relaxation after adjustments and 9 out of 10 times my back pain has subsided. Some days I'm so bad I call to make an appointment and they get me in the office same day!! I can't say enough about Dr. Porter and the staff in general."
    Brandon L.
  • "I love this place! Dr. Clark has taken care of my chronic pain for years! No other treatments have been nearly as effective. A bonus is that the staff is always so friendly and helpful!!"
    Mary B.
  • "Dr. Porter has been treating me with an ongoing problem for years. I starting going to him after I could not get relief from my family physician. Through his treatments and a vitamin regimen, I don't need pain meds & feel so much better."
    Review from healthgrades.com
  • "The doctors and all the staff are excellent!"
    Tanya W.
  • "I am no longer in pain under Dr. Cara Phillips' care! Staff is always very friendly and greet you when you walk in. My first appointment they took xrays and did an evaluation. I now go to be adjusted monthly. They also offer heat therapy and a massage before being adjusted."
    Maggie J.
  • "With his gift for healing, and his expertise with NRT (Nutritional Response Testing), Dr. Porter has saved my life! I am off prescription medications and no longer suffer from chronic lower GI pain and problems."
    Charles K.
  • "Dr. Michael Porter II has taken care of me since I was in an auto accident last year, and monthly visits keep me out of pain. The office is a welcoming place, and patient care is clearly their priority. Highly recommended."
    Adam W.
  • "Dr. Clark has the best practice on the planet. Great individual time and attention. Chiropractors and massage therapists truly concerned about your health. Pleasant office atmosphere."
    Debbie A.


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